An Overview of the Thai Legal Business

The sudden influx of expatriates in Thailand in the last decade had greatly revitalized the then almost moribund legal industry of the Kingdom. Today, the legal business in the country is very competitive yet a thriving one. This can explain the continuous proliferation of law firms or legal offices in Thailand.

Over the years, amid the intermittent threat of political instability and global economic crisis, foreigners have been coming to Thailand to engage in business, purchase properties, marry locals, and to retire or to settle down in the country for good. These activities have consequently triggered the growth and expansion of the legal business in the country as foreign residents and investors require legal advice and representation in carrying out their business activities and domestic affairs – a practice they are accustomed to back home. But not only foreigners who require legal service as local companies, entrepreneurs and individuals have started enlisting the services of law firms to protect their interests. With the burgeoning demands for legal services in the country, international law firms have started to conquer the Thai legal market by putting up their branch offices in the Kingdom. In effect, there has been a strong competition among international law firms, well-established local firms and newly established small firms.

Established law firms in the Kingdom have long been enjoying the cream of the legal business in Thailand. They usually handle the big and influential cases in the country mainly because of their good and long standing reputation and enduring business relationships with their clients. The same is true with international law firms which service foreigners and locals alike. Smaller firms, meanwhile, usually do the mainstream legal business – a mix of legal and other related services. They normally turn to costly marketing initiatives to introduce themselves and to start carving their names in the industry. But, despite their high marketing costs, their prices remain much lower than their established counterparts. The quality of their service isn’t necessarily lower especially with registered small firms that employ licensed Thai and foreign lawyers.

Choosing a legal office in Thailand to deal with your legal needs is sometimes tricky. Be wary about unscrupulous individuals or agencies who pose themselves as registered legal firms when in fact they aren’t. They usually offer lower prices than the standard prices and guarantee success in your legal endeavors. More often than not, these people may just want to take your money away or provide you a substandard service which could further complicate your situation in the end. The best thing to do is to enlist the services of a qualified law office to take care of your legal needs.

In Thailand, the legal business is not as strictly regulated as in the West so as a foreigner in Thailand, it’s thus suggested that you exercise caution when choosing a law office or a lawyer to represent your legal needs in the Kingdom. Whether you intend to purchase a property, set up a business, panning to get a Thai divorce or contemplating on staying in Thailand long term, always consult a registered lawyer to assist you with your concern. This way your interests will surely be protected.

Mr. Jirasak Taosiri is a licensed Thai lawyer. He currently works for G.A.M Legal Alliance, Thailand’s Provider of Five Star Legal Service, as the acting Legal manager. Prior to his employment with G.A.M, he has worked for international law firms in Thailand giving him enough exposures in the fields of Thai Property Law, Thai Immigration Law, Thai Family Law and Thai Corporate Law.