Success in PrePaid Legal – 3 Steps to Having a Successful PrePaid Legal Business

PrePaid Legal Services has been providing a variety of legal services since its inception (as the Sportsman’s Motor Club) back in 1972. As a network marketing opportunity, they still hold true to the “friends and family” marketing techniques. If you are truly interested in developing a substantial business with PrePaid Legal, the following 3 steps need to be a major part of your marketing agenda.

1. Know your Product and Target Your Customers:

A successful PrePaid Legal Marketer will have their own testimonial on how those legal services have helped them in their everyday life. They will be able to discuss, first hand, how their legal “issue” was resolved. While no one can become an expert overnight, there is absolutely no substitute for your own personal experience.

Focusing on any one product, the marketer can target those people who have a need for this service. For example, every new parent needs a living will to be secure that, in the case of the unexpected (and we all hope it never happens), the wishes of the parent are absolutely clear when it comes to the future well being of little “Johnny”. Little “Johnny” would also benefit from an identity thief policy, so he doesn’t turn 18; and finds someone stole his Social Security number; and has been posing as him for the last 17 years!

Whatever your passion… what every your interest… you need to exploit that passion! You create a bond with the people you are targeting with that passion and professionalism, thus gaining their trust and confidence.

2. Brand Yourself on the Web:

In the beginning it was easy speaking to your “friends and family”, because you did not need to build any trust with them. As you venture into the world of the internet, those that you will be speaking with you do not have that trust relationship, and it will be necessary to build that relationship.

Your web site needs to position you as an individual who has integrity, is an expert; and one who is there to help them with their problem. They have a need… it may be serious and thrust upon them very quickly… and you will show them personally how you will be there helping them.

3. Don’t Start With the Business Opportunity

Most people have been inundate with “business opportunities” on the internet. When your prospect is in front of you, they don’t care about your needs, (of getting people into your business) what’s important is their needs. As a professional you need to address those needs and concentrate on solving their problems

The fastest way to “turn off” that prospect is to start talking “business opportunity” when they are not ready for it. When that prospect trusts you; feels comfortable with you; and is confident with your service, they may ask you a question like “what do you get out of this”?

Now… they are ready to talk to you about them getting their own “piece of the action”

In Conclusion:

These are 3 very easy steps to master, yet they may require a set of skills you do not currently possess. As a professional you may need to reach out (especially with getting your web page done) and get the assistance of a Network Marketing Training Company

Many of these companies will have programs that not only teach you the mechanics of network marketing, but also the psychology of network marketing. You will need this specialization, especially in setting up your web site.

If you follow the above 3 steps, and seek out a professional instead of using the “computer whiz next door”, a very successful PrePaid Legal business is in your forecast.